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Terms & conditions

Excerpt from "Terms and conditions"

Article 1.
These terms and conditions outline the operational terms of "Bonsai Properties" registered as "BONSAI PROPERTIES" - a company for services.

Article 2.
A contract signed by all involved parties is necessary prior to start of any services. The property described in the contract needs to be insured prior to start of any services by an authorized insurance company, for the type of property use described in the contract. If the client doesn't have an insurance policy, "Bonsai Properties" can assist in obtaining adequate insurance.

Article 3.
Contract is concluded within a period of 12 months, after which the Agreement extends to the following years, when previously there had been no termination.

Article 4.
All payments for the services described in the contract should be made prior to start of any services.

Article 5.
All payments of agency services, shall be executed prior to the provision of services and can arrange payment of three ways:
1. Annual (one time per year)
2. Bi-Annual (two times per year)
3. Quarterly (once every three months)

Article 6.
There is an 8 day payment grace period in which the client must make their payment. In case the payment is not received within those eight days, "Bonsai Properties" will cease all services to the client, and is not responsible for the property in any way.

Article 7.
"Bonsai Properties" is required to keep the client regularly informed about the property via email regardless of which packages or services the client is utilizing. "Bonsai Properties" is required to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

Article 8.
"Bonsai Properties" is not liable or responsible for any damage or lost items in case of theft or burglary.

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